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Help Me Choose Quiz

This is a quiz to help you determine which benefits may be best for you and your family. It’s easy and takes just a few minutes. This is confidential – no one will see your answers!

After taking this quiz you may want to print or email a copy of the results so that you can have it handy for enrollment.

In your responses, consider all those who will be covered by your benefits, whether it is just you, or you and your spouse and children.


When it comes to paying for medical expenses, which is more important to you?


How active are you?


If you found surprise cash in your pocket, what’s your first thought?


Do you tend to receive a lot of health care during the year, or usually not much? Remember to consider any family members you plan to cover.


If you have/have had a Health Savings Account (HSA), do you usually spend all the money in it each year?


How's your smile? Pick which is top of mind. Remember to consider any family members you plan to cover.


It's been a challenging few years. When it comes to your mental health, how are you doing?


Now for the lightning round ... quick questions to get you to your recommended benefits.


How old are you?


Do you use tobacco?


Does any member of your family need contact lenses or glasses?


Do you have a child under 13 (or disabled child over 13) who needs childcare or, an aging dependent parent who needs elder care?


Do you have any planned surgeries, medical procedures, or healthcare needs in 2024 that may result in higher or unpredictable costs (for example, having a baby)?


Do you generally get your recommended annual checkups and screenings each year?


Do you – or a member of your family that you cover – take ongoing maintenance prescription medications?


While no one wants to think about death it’s important to protect your loved ones. Are you confident you have enough life insurance?


Have you completed – or do you plan to complete – your Amped health screening by September 30, 2024?

Calculating Your Results...